About Us

Founded in 1982, Hornet is one of the longest surviving names in the Victorian printing industry. 34 years and still going strong. We are based in Knoxfield, covering a 1 acre site and close to all major freeways and only ½ hour from the CBD. We are a medium sized commercial printer employing around 20 full time industry specialist staff, most have been with Hornet for many years, in fact, not many under 10 years service. That is a strong indictment of our focus on relationships with both our staff and our clients, in fact, we have clients that have been with us for 10, 20 and 30 years.

Hornet is a bespoke printing company, we quote and plan every job on it’s merits.We produce very good work, within agreed deadlines and at very competitive prices. We are the printer of choice for many designers, smaller printers, country and interstate clients, print management companies, councils, political parties and the list goes on. We take on the jobs others shy away from. When other printers bring their work and clients to you, you must be doing something right.

Hornet operates with both Digital and Offset presses. As with any modern printing company we have done away with photographic chemicals and materials and operate with chemical free CTP (computer to plate) technology. Further to this our plant operates seamlessly from pre press to the presses using CIP3 digital technology. This saves both time and materials by streamlining the printing set up. On press densitronomy also allows for faster set up, less waste and consistent colour results throughout the entire print run. We frequently receive thank you and well done correspondence from our clients.

Meet the Team

At Hornet Press we have  highly skilled people. Most of them are long-term employees. The combined experience of these professionals in the printing industry is over 500 years. Imagine 500 years of experience – All working for you.

A lot of knowledge ready to assist you.

Our proprietary software means that we can track every job through every step of the process. At Hornet Press will be able to tell you exactly what stage your job is at. Call us anytime and chat to one of our friendly staff members.

Michael Wu – CEO

John Mandile – Director

Brad Wilson – Sales Manager